Commit 00816cca authored by Julien Signoles's avatar Julien Signoles
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Merge branch 'feature/basile/eacsl-print-exp-in-assert' into 'master'

[eacsl:runtime] Print expression when failing DASSERT

See merge request frama-c/frama-c!2747
parents 671fdbfa 4ef755ef
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ static int dlog_fd = -1;
/*! \brief Debug-time assertion based on assert (see e_acsl_assert.h) */
#define DASSERT(_e) vassert(_e,"",NULL)
#define DASSERT(_e) vassert(_e,TOSTRING(_e),NULL)
/*! \brief Debug-time assertion based on vassert (see e_acsl_assert.h) */
#define DVASSERT(_expr, _fmt, ...) vassert(_expr, _fmt, __VA_ARGS__)
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